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Our first and foremost service is providing our guests with the comfortable living conditions enough so that they can enjoy the natural wild beauty of koh Bulon with a level of comfort and security. We have a range of other services that we can provide to try and make your stay here as easy as possible.

Laundry Service

  • If you want some clothes washed, dried in the sea breeze and ironed then just hand them in to us and we will do it!

Free Kayaks

  • All our guests can use the canoes/kayaks for free whenever. Just let one of us know if you need help bringing it out.

Payments & Safe deposit

Beach at bulone resort
  • We accept most credit & debit cards and also PayPal and we have a safe that you can deposit any valuables you might have. You can put all food and drink and most services on the bill.

Free wifi
Fishing trip

Decent Wifi

  • Our wifi is good enough for streaming and so should be fine for much of your needs. Of course the Wifi is free for guests.


  • We can arrange for private car to pick you up at the airport and then bring you to Pakbara pier where there will be a long-tail boat charter waiting to bring you directly to our beach, potentially right outside your bungalow. For more information about travel routes see click here.

Fishing & Snorkelling

  • We can arrange for a local Chow Lae boat to come and take you on a fishing and/or snorkeling trip around the Bulone archipelago. If you catch a fish then bring it back to our restaurant and we will cook it for you however you like it.

Massage at Bulone Resort

take the opportunity to do Oil massage, traditional Thai massage and Foot massage for a calm and well-being, while you are here at Bulone Resort.

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