What will you get when you stay here?

  • Breakfast included for you and your family.

  • Wifi good enough for streaming.

  • Private bathroom with western style toilet.

  • Water hose for washing the sand off your feet.

  • Air conditioning or fan.

  • Shaded balcony/porch with seating.

  • Best beachfront location on koh Bulon lae

Why have so many people been returning here for almost 30 years?

  • The atmosphere. As beautiful as the world famous islands are they can sometimes feel far from a paradise with the sheer numbers of people and the tourism infrastructure that entails. People have been returning here for years because this island really feels like paradise.

  • The people. The island of Bulon is one of the few places left that has managed to keep its original community intact since its settling all those years ago. This means that you will experience an atmosphere and kind of hospitality that is difficult to find in another place.