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The true paradise Island

Things that we can promise you

  • That you will be enchanted by the beauty of this place.

  • You will be comfortable and sleep well in our rooms.

  • You will see lots of free and wild animals and fish.

  • You will want to spend most of your time swimming.

  • You and your family will want to come back again.

Why come to Koh Bulon?

  • A haven within a holiday location. The islands of Thailand being as popular as they are can often be swarmed with tourists and it can get hectic. Whether you are traveling alone, as a couple or with small children, you will never find yourself pushing through a crowd here on Koh Bulon.

  • Pure Nature. This island has one of the oldest ecosystems in the area and is still in its pristine condition. You will be entering a real habitat for many species of birds and marine life and our accommodation allows you to experience this in its natural state but with a level of comfort and security.

  • Free use of Kayaks. All of our guests can use the canoes whenever they want to and free of charge. So you can take yourself or family around the island for a little adventure.

Use the envelope to deal with a human being!

"As Koh Lipe has become more and more popular, many have chosen to travel to the slightly quieter Koh Bulon. Some have given the island a Robinson stamp due to the limited tourism. Here you can almost get beaches for yourself.
You can snorkel in the crystal clear water directly from the beach, but otherwise relaxation and sunbathing is the only thing you need to do here. Cross the island and experience the small fishing village on the other side if you need to move around a bit.

On Koh Bulon there is room for backpackers on budget and those who want to stay in their own bungalow on the beach (for example at the scenic Bulon Resort). " - Momondo.dk , translated by google translate.