This is Bulone Resort...

Our offer is simple, comfortable bungalows by the best beach, on the most tranquil and natural island in all of Thailand. Koh Bulone Lae is completely independant and unspoiled which means all of our infrastructure is provided by us and self maintainted. It's the reason that our resort grounds are in such a pristine and primal condition. The flora, the birds and butterflies and the marine life are all part of this islands ecosystem and are to be respected. Many families with children choose to stay with us as we offer an increasingly rare chance to spend holiday time in a location this close to nature, but with a level of comfort that allows them and their children to completely relax and just enjoy their time.

Special Offer!

Bungalow 29. & 30.

Reserve for 6 nights and rate drops to 2,650B/n (Breakfast included.)

Applies for the 1st January - 10th February 2020
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